Divorce and Child Custody for Part-Time Florida Residents

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Miami Divorce LawyerMiami is far more heavily populated from late fall into mid-spring than it is during the warmer months. Full-time residents of Miami may call people who spend their winters in Florida “snowbirds.” If you live in another state during the summer months but have established residency in Florida, it may make sense to get divorced and resolve your interstate child custody issues here. You may have certain unique issues in your divorce, especially if you own multiple properties that you rent out or wish to move back and forth from Florida to another state with your children. It is important to be represented by a well-qualified Miami, FL divorce attorney

Child Custody for Wintertime Floridians

Interstate child custody laws may apply, and your attorney will need to carefully navigate your case to ensure that the Florida courts have jurisdiction over your child custody issues. The best interests of the child are the legal priority. If one or both of you spend different seasons in different states, relocation with a child may become an issue that needs to be addressed. Your plan for co-parenting will need to address things like maintaining continuity in the child’s education. 

The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, a federal statute, may apply if one of you will begin residing in a different state. You will need a skilled attorney to navigate this complex body of law. Multiple court systems may become involved. It is often best for parents in this situation to collaboratively create a plan for co-parenting rather than relying on the court to investigate and make decisions. 

Dividing Multiple Real Estate Properties 

Many married couples who spend the colder months enjoying Miami’s beautiful year-round weather own a home in Florida and a home in the state where they spend the warmer months. If you rent out your winter home to vacationers during the summer months, you will need to decide how to manage the property. One of you may choose to live in Miami full time and keep the winter property while the other keeps the home in your other state. Or, if the vacation rentals are quite profitable, one of you may wish to establish a separate residence so you can continue renting out and even alternately using the property. 

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