Tips for Protecting Your Children During Divorce 

 Posted on April 09,2024 in Divorce

Miami Divorce LawyerDivorce can be especially hard for those with minor children. Not only must you stand up for your own interests, but you must also fight for the interests of your children. It is important to have an experienced and aggressive Miami, FL divorce and child custody lawyer on your side. Divorce can have a lasting financial and emotional impact on your children - and on you. Parents can take steps like getting mental health care for their children, reducing the amount of conflict they are exposed to, and working with the other parent to establish a plan for custody, support, and co-parenting. Your attorney can help you approach your divorce strategically with your children’s needs in mind.

Steps Parents Can Take to Minimize the Impact of Divorce on Their Children

Steps you as a parent can take to protect your childrens’ interests during divorce include:

  • Consider collaborative divorce - If you get divorced in court after a trial, your children will almost certainly become embroiled in the conflict. They may need to testify in court, and a Guardian ad Litem will probably come to interview them. Your children might feel forced to choose sides or assign blame to one parent. If you and the other parent resolve your divorce out of court in mediation, your children probably will not need to participate.

  • Involve a counselor - Children can experience complex and difficult emotions, including self-blame, during their parents’ divorce. They will also experience a lot of changes going from a two-parent household to dividing their time between each parent. A counselor or therapist can help your children constructively work through these feelings.

  • Get and follow temporary orders - Temporary court orders regarding parenting time can offer a sense of stability and routine while your divorce is in progress. It is important for both parents to follow these orders so as to avoid creating further conflict.

  • Hear your children’s preferences - The older your children are, the more important it is to listen when they talk about their needs and wishes. When you can, try to incorporate your child’s wishes into your parenting plan. For example, if your children really do not want to change schools, you may want to try avoiding a situation where they would have to. This does not mean letting your children create their own custody plan, just considering their preferences if it is practical and in their interest to do so.

Your attorney can offer you more advice for protecting your children’s emotional well-being during divorce.

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