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Key Examples of Non-Compliance Following a Miami Divorce

 Posted on December 11,2023 in Divorce

Divorce in South Florida involves many of the same issues that can be found in divorces across the country, encompassing topics such as the division of assets, determination of child custody, and establishment of support obligations, among other things. In Miami, like in any other jurisdiction, compliance with court orders and agreements is crucial to ensure a fair and smooth transition for both parties involved. Unfortunately, non-compliance can occur, leading to various legal consequences. If you are in a situation where your ex-spouse is non-compliant with your divorce decree, contact a lawyer right away

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High-Net Worth Divorce in Miami Beach

 Posted on November 30,2023 in High Net Worth Divorce

Miami Beach, known for its luxurious lifestyle and vibrant community, is no stranger to high-net worth divorces. If you live in Miami Beach and are heading toward a divorce, make sure you secure the legal representation you need to ensure your needs are met and protected. Contact a high-powered lawyer to get the legal assistance you can trust. High-asset divorces often mean a lot is on the line. As a result, you want legal guidance you can lean on to ensure you can make the best decisions for yourself moving forward.

Dividing Assets in a Miami DivorceĀ 

Miami Beach is home to numerous affluent individuals with substantial assets. These may include real estate properties, investments, businesses, and valuable personal belongings. Determining the value of and division of these assets can be very intricate, requiring the knowledge of financial professionals who will work in tandem with your attorney to ensure you are financially secure once your divorce has been finalized.

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Who Gets the Boat in a Miami Divorce?

 Posted on November 30,2023 in Property Division

Divorce in Florida can be an emotionally grueling process, especially when it comes to dividing assets. In Miami, a city renowned for its boating culture, the question of who gets the boat can be a significant point of contention. If your marriage is dissolving and a family boat is an asset that will need to be addressed, contact a qualified lawyer. Your attorney will not only assist you in protecting your interests but will also ensure that the decisions you make will legally benefit you in the short and long term

Classification as Marital or Separate Property

The first step in determining who gets the boat in a Miami divorce is to establish whether the boat is classified as marital or separate property. Was the boat purchased during the marriage? If so, it may be considered marital property. What if the boat was purchased by one of the spouses before the marriage? In that case, the boat may be regarded as separate property and, therefore, protected from division. Furthermore, if the boat was acquired through an inheritance or gift, it may be considered separate property. Discuss with your attorney which of these scenarios rings true for your situation

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